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Roaches Coaches Episode 2 now in post-production

Just to keep you posted on where we are with the production of the next episode of our original radio sit-com, Roaches Coaches....

As we were unable to meet in person to record dialogue, the Club invested in some additional tech kit to allow the cast to record at home. A rather fetching basket of equipment - including a condenser microphone, Chromebook with software loaded and the all-important instruction manual - was passed from house to house (with the obligatory disinfection, natch) and the last of the voice tracks was laid down at the start of the month.

Everything is now with our talented sound technician, Sam, who has the time-consuming task of stitching everyone together and adding all the bells, whistles and kind of effects and finishes that made Episode 1 such a professional production.

We're hoping to have it ready for release at the end of the summer - meanwhile, why not have another listen to Ep.1 and our two specials? :)

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