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Menzies Hall, Main Street, Fintry  G63 0XE


Formed in 1977, the club started out as a play-reading group, but the urge to perform soon got the better of the members and led to Fintry Theatre Club's first production, ‘The Buchan Trap’, which was performed on a specially-erected stage in the Menzies Hall. In 1994, the club changed its name to Fintry Amateur Dramatic Society.


Over time, and often financed by FADS, changes have been made to the Hall to allow for more sophisticated productions, and today it has the facilities of a small theatre.


Most of the club hail from Fintry and its surrounding villages. With each new member bringing their own individual strengths, skills and experiences, FADS is a continually-evolving pool of talent and we’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas and input.



Our prize-winning one-act plays have included: ‘Oh, What A Lovely War’ (2002), ‘Dogsbreath Deveraux’ (2007), ‘Bonking James Bond’ (2017) and 'Housebound' (2022). ‘Victor’s Dung’ was named winner of the British Finals of Community Drama in 2015 and our Juniors have also won the Scottish Finals, with ‘Jabberwok’ in 2012 and ‘Tuesdays and Sundays’ in 2016.


Pantomime is always a firm favourite with audiences and we’ve put one on every year since ‘Dick Whittington’ kicked us off in 1979. Lots of our members are keen singers and dancers, who will happily take on musicals, while there’s always plenty of support for more serious drama.


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