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From Stagecoach to Stage!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

If you haven't caught up with our fab Roaches Coaches podcast, we've now got two short specials out there, in addition to the first full-length episode.

The latest news is: Encouraged by the celebrity status he thinks Episode One has given him, Laurence (flamboyant driver/actor and Mags' bestie) has been trying to kick-start his big break into the professional theatre scene...

Bonus Episode: From Stagecoach to Stage

Narrator: Anna Foran

Laurence: Ian Kidd

Receptionist: Lucy Kidd

Granny: Maggie Kidd

Written and recorded by Ian Kidd.

Produced by Sam Yoffe and Ian Kidd.

Original music by Stuart Kidd.

The production team (Ian, Sam and Laura) is now just working out the best way to get Episode 2 down, which will all have to be done remotely. Although it's a MUCH longer and more painstaking process than any of us anticipated, we are getting there, slowly - just like the buses at Roaches Coaches ;)

You can visit the Roaches Coaches main webpage here and listen to all the episodes via Spotify, Anchor and various other podcast platforms:

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