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Announcing Roaches Coaches, Episode One!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

In case you just can't wait any longer, we'll kick off with the link to Episode One: Bridge Into Troubled Waters.

And now, how we got there...

The rotten Covid weapons of social distancing and lockdowns have made this FADS production one of our biggest challenges, but the team has emerged from the battle victorious!

We had originally planned to record and publish the podcast during the summer, while no other shows were in production. We thought we'd have a few rehearsals, then record each episode 'live' in the Menzies Hall over a few Sunday afternoons. Then the dreaded pandemic hit.

So we started using Zoom for our read-throughs and rehearsals. It took us a while to get used to, but we got there, with plenty of laughs along the way.

But the actual recording of the episodes has been quite a challenge. We invested in four new condenser microphones and started recording Episode One in special studio premises, which has separate rooms for the production team and cast, allowing us to accommodate two actors at a time. Most of the dialogue was down when the ‘no more than two households inside’ rule came in, so the last couple of characters had to be captured via online means – trial and error in itself! And then our very talented sound engineer, Sam Yoffe, has had to spend a huge amount of time stitching it all together afterwards.

It's been a much longer and more painstaking process than any of us anticipated - especially Sam! - but we're getting there slowly, just like the buses at Roaches Coaches.

So, here we go: *ahem* For your delectation, we present:

Written and directed by Ian Kidd

In this first full length episode, Keith reveals that the business is in trouble. Carol tries to solve his problems, a new driver arrives, and Jimmy wishes he'd worn his glasses before taking a short-cut.

See the characters at the dedicated Roaches Coaches website:

Narrator: Anna Foran Carol: Sarah Walker Jimmy: Kevin Boland Keith: Nigel Pope William: Laura Cranstoun Kenny: Andy Barr Mags: Jeannie Woodburn Laurence: Ian Kidd Lady Gallacher: Gerry Eckersley Young Woman on Bus: Heather Stewart Tarty Woman on Bus: Luci Rooney The Heavy: Chris Goodall Mark the Shark: John Steele

Music: Stuart Kidd Production team: Sam Yoffe, Laura Cranstoun, Ian Kidd.

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