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Spring one-act plays - tickets on sale now!

'Mr Moonlight', by Kim Millar and 'The Book Club of Little Witterington (After The Fete)' by Joan Greening

Weds 17th, Fri 19th & Sat 20th April

Menzies Hall, Fintry

Curtain up 7.30pm

Mr Moonlight

When hit maker and Hollywood star, Frankie Vaughan, intervened in gang warfare on the streets of Easterhouse in the 1960s, some people dismissed it as a publicity stunt by a vain do-gooder intent only on selling records. In reality, having come from nothing himself, he understood the problems facing communities blighted by gangs and thought he could do something to help these young people. And he did.

Set in Glasgow's Barrowlands Ballroom, it's the story of how Frankie Vaughan's life-long affinity for Glasgow and its people might have come about.

Director: Barbara McLeod

Cast: Andy Barr, Anna Foran, Chris Connon

The Book Club Of Little Witterington (After The Fete)

In this light comedy, the ladies of the village book club have gathered to discuss Nevil Shute’s ‘On The Beach’. However, most of them seem far more interested in gossiping about events at the recent village fete – in particular, a certain book club member’s liaison with the local vicar…Tickets on sale now!

Director: Lorna Flisch

Cast: Sarah Walker, Jackie Smith, Jeannie Woodburn, Irene Kelso, Gerry Eckersley

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