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Just look at our lovely new mics!

On Thursday night, the long-awaited recording of Roaches Coaches, Episode 1, finally got underway, in a farm steading just outside Balfon Station. To ensure the best possible sound quality, the club has invested in four new condenser microphones, which very nearly stole the show! These will be very useful in future for recording things like chorus backing tracks for panto and other voice-overs.

John (Mark the Shark), Ian, Sarah (Carol), Nigel (Keith) & Sam

With Ian at the helm, Laura assisting and Sam glued to the laptop-based sound deck, we got the dialogue of four characters recorded, with much hilarity (and social distancing). There will probably be two further sessions, then poor old Sam has the hugely time-consuming and very tricky job of taking everyone's individual lines, picking the best takes and stitching it all together. Oh, and adding sound effects. Somebody get that man a comfy chair...

We'll keep you updated with news from the coach depot, meanwhile, here are a few more piccies:

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