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Honk, toot...and now for something completely different.

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

That's heavy concentration you're seeing there...!

Given that Calamity is twiddling her guns on the production shelf for the time being, we've had to find other ways to keep ourselves dramatically engaged during lockdown.

There have been a couple of play reading evenings on Zoom, just for the fun of it, but now an exciting new project has taken over the air/broadband/4G waves.

Introducing: 'Roaches Coaches', a multi-episode radio/podcast comedy, written by our own very talented Club member, Ian Kidd.

It takes place in a small-town bus depot that's fallen on hard times and the hapless staff have to get the buses out despite vandalism, terrorism, extreme feminism and a lack of optimism. Owner/Manager Keith Roache does his best, but he’s always one step behind lazy Jimmy, hopeless Carol, desperate Mags, womaniser Kenny, naïve William and camp Laurence.

Once we've got the whistles and stutters of Zoom under control, we'll try to get a little snippet out to you, promise.

Meanwhile, the casting is underway, the episodes' scripts are getting their final tweaks and the sound engineer is quietly weeping over mute buttons and unstable connections. (Fear not, we'll get it cracked!)

Hold on to your packed lunches, it's gonna be a hoot of a ride. 😎😋🚍🚌📻🎭

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