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Colin Fraser - In Memorium

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Colin Fraser, who had been a member of FADS for over 40 years, passed away after a lengthy illness on 30th July. He was 83 years old and leaves his wife, Sheila, a founder member of FADS, daughters, Eilidh and Shona and granddaughter, Rhona.

Colin was fiercely proud of being a Maryhill boy. He was evacuated from there three times in World War 2. He would help his mum wheel the pram full of washing to the Steamie. Colin won a scholarship through his Primary days in Maryhill to go on to Allan Glen’s School. He qualified as a civil engineer and ran his own company in Queen’s Dock Glasgow and later at Anniesland, with Sheila as Company Secretary.

The Oban girl and Glasgow lad married in 1964 and finally moved to Fintry in 1974. There they threw themselves into voluntary community life and Colin was always out working for Strathendrick Rotary or village hall jumble sales.

FADS was founded in 1977 by Sheila, Ann Hillis and others, and, of course, Colin joined up shortly afterwards. He was always there, supporting Sheila in her productions, but reluctant to tread the boards.

Colin had a wonderful singing voice, and would sing at Burns Suppers and parties. He was eventually persuaded to join in a few chorus cameos. Once in an early panto, and then later as a Nazi soldier in The Sound of Music. Many recall his poignant singing of Silent Night in Oh What A Lovely War at the Scottish Final. He claims he didn’t realise he would have to sing it in German (in which he was actually quite well versed!)

Many of FADS' heavy-duty sets were soundly constructed by Colin. His catchphrase being, “Measure twice, cut once.”

Lorna Flisch recalls Colin: “I doubt if many of our present members know that before the early 90s, we didn’t have a stage. Colin built, then erected and dismantled the stage each time it was required. We worked a lot together on various sets and furniture. If you had been a fly on the wall you would have heard us laughing a lot at very dubious jokes about actresses and bishops. He never complained when I would ask him to frame yet another cardboard ground row. He also was great at getting the audience going by laughing, whooping and clapping with gusto. For years, when asked how he was, he would say “Just hing’n by a thread”.

So, if you ever need a friend to help you lift the hall floor steps onto the stage, it’s only because they were absolutely Colin (Clyde) built!

- David Smith

FADS has donated £100 to Alzheimer Scotland, in memory of Colin. His daughter, Eilidh, responded, "Thank you very much for your donation in memory of my Dad. It really means a lot to us all that you’ve chosen to remember him in this way."

And from Sheila:

"Many thanks to all FADS members for their kind support and good wishes following Colin’s death. David’s 'Memorial' reminds us of Colin’s involvement with the Club over many enjoyable years, and FADS' generous donation to Alzheimer’s is much appreciated."

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