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Two one-act plays in rehearsal

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

With the wintry weather still nipping at our heels, the drama's in full swing behind the scenes at FADS, as we prepare to stage two one-act plays.

The first is Brian Friel's 'Losers', which is our entry in this year's One Act Play Festival.

Set in rural Ireland in the 1960s, this touching and humorous play features middle-aged couple, Andy & Hanna; Mrs Wilson, Hanna's 'invalid' mother, who lives with them; and Cissy, Mrs Wilson's friend and neighbour. And then there's St Philomena....

Through Andy's recollections, we watch his courtship and marriage to Hanna unfold over time. But with their intimate moments constantly interrupted by passive-aggressive Mrs Wilson, and her and Cissy's obsessive devotion to St Philomena filling the house with cloying Catholicism, will Andy and Hanna's relationship survive?

The second play is 'Plaza Suite' - a loosely affiliated trio of one-act plays by four-time Toni winner, Neil Simon. All three vignettes take place in Suite 719 of the Plaza Hotel, New York City.

Both plays will be performed in the Menzies Hall in the near future - tickets will be on sale nearer the time.

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