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It's nearly time to thrill Rhyl!

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The Housebound team! Chris, Rosie, May, Gavin, Anna, Andy, Meg, Paul & Fly

- Photo by Tony Flisch

With the high of their victory in Orkney still wafting around the Housebound set, the team is in great shape and ready to show Rhyl what they've got this weekend.

And they're not alone! Heading down to support them is a fine entourage, featuring Tony & Lorna, Sheila, Barbara, Cindy & Gordon, Helen & Alan, Jane, Margo and Ann.

Just before they pack up the van and bounce down the road to North Wales, the team is having a final dress rehearsal in Fintry, on Thursday evening at 8pm, and you're very welcome to join the audience for one last viewing of this multi-award-winning theatrical delight!

Divisional: Runners-up and Best Stage Presentation / Scottish Finals: Winners and Best Theatrical Moment

Wales is opening the event at the Rhyl Pavillion Theatre on Friday evening, followed by Northern Ireland, then we're up first on Saturday representing Scotland, with England closing things off.

Wishing the team every success - shine like the bright stars you are! 🌟🌟🌟

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