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England are the One-Act British Champions 2022

Despite a terrific performance and praise from the adjudicator for Anna and Andy's acting and Gavin's direction, England won on the night - and by all accounts their victory was well-deserved.

A lovely comment posted on Facebook by a new Housebound fan, Carol Crump:

"I was at the finals last night and LOVED your performance. Spoke to Andy at the bar - interrupted your supper! - to say YOU WERE ROBBED! You may not have been announced as the festival winners, but you were certainly winners with the audience."

And SCDA Secretary, Morna Barron, who was also in the audience, said:

"So proud of FADS - their performance was brilliant and they deserved the great praise from the adjudicator for both the acting and direction. They could not have done it any better and we are all very proud of them."

David Price, the adjudicator, summarised: "Amazing performances from each of the home countries. England emerged as winners represented by TACT from Tamworth with their exceptional production of Metamorphosis. A real pleasure to meet all the teams as we enjoy the return of live theatre."

A few photos from the weekend...

Our stars outside the theatre


Civic reception held at Rhyl Pavillion Theatre on Saturday

Wooden plaques that we commissioned Endrick Woodworking to make as gifts for the other three competing clubs

Getting theatrical

And a glimpse of TACT's production:

(Thanks to Tony and Anna for the pics)

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