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Break a leg, Team Housebound!

Tonight, the Eastern Divisional Final of the one-act play festival opens at the Lochgelly Centre in Fife.

Our own 'Housebound' is scheduled for tomorrow night - Friday 18th - starting at 7pm. Tickets are available on the door or via the Lochgelly Centre website. If you're able to attend, it promises to be a hugely enjoyable evening and the performers would certainly appreciate your support :)

The poor old team has been absolutely battered by COVID over the last few weeks, which has resulted in Gavin, Andy and Anna heading into the competition pretty much crew-less.

Nevertheless, we know how terrific Andy and Anna are on stage and, together with their fearless director/producer Gavin, they've been working hard to get around the various virus-related challenges. The SCDA has also been very supportive, so we're confident that Team Housebound will do us proud.

Break a leg, guys!

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1 Comment

Best wishes sorry we can’t come to cheer you on. Have a great evening

Helen & Allan

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