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One-act plays - tickets on sale now!

With rehearsals for all our three one-act plays zipping along, we have lift-off on the tickets. That's the first bit of good news. The second bit is that they're a total bargain at just £5!

Here's a taste of what will be behind the curtain each night:


An agoraphobic housewife is taken hostage by a reluctant villain. As the desperate moments tick by, an uneasy rapport develops between the unlikely companions, which is tense, touching.....and very funny.​​

'The Biscuit’

Pompous, intellectual Prime Minister, Ellis Gregory, and his wife, Sam, find themselves trapped in a safe room in Westminster during a security alert, along with the cleaner, Colin. Things come to a head when a biscuit – the only source of food - becomes a focal point in a battle to gain the upper hand.

'The Worst Day Of My Life'

Charlie Brown is readying himself for afternoon visiting time at the hospital. But why is he concerned about which dressing gown he is wearing? And why is he replacing his ‘get well’ card with a substitute? As the play progresses, Charlie’s visitors appear: plain and practical Joanne, expensively over-dressed Evelyn and sexily Melissa – all of whom claim to be ‘Mrs Charlie Brown’. Charlie’s day is about to go dramatically downhill…

Tickets available online now (click below) or on the door at the Menzies Hall. Hope to see lots of you there - it's going to be a hoot!

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