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A VERY Happy Birthday to us!

Well, what a night! Brilliantly organised by our social committee, Ellen Ross, Jackie Smith and Rowena Laing, our 40th birthday celebration on Saturday night was hosted by the formidable double act, David Smith and Ian Turner, who put together a truly entertaining presentation looking back at the club’s best moments.

Sheila Fraser, who’s been a member since ‘Fintry Theatre Club’ was founded in 1977, took us back to the first productions of ‘Gibbie Proposes’ and ‘The Buchan Trap’, kicking off a visual catalogue of highlights, triumphs, tight corners, flamboyant costumes, awards, bare bottoms and The Faftas – surely it must be time for another one of those!

The full cast of British Championship-winning ‘Victor’s Dung’ (2014) was in the room – Jack Doyle, Iain Howie and Andy Barr, as well as director Martin Turner – and Jack got a special mention as two-time winner and current holder of the East Kilbride RepFest ‘Best Actor’ award. Memories of other notable successes included Martin’s stint at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon, the ‘Bonking James Bond’ and ‘Pushcart Peddlers’ 2017 tour to Orkney and, most recently, ‘Eight O’Clock’s triumph at EK RepFest, where it took three of the four top awards.

The ‘Name the Voice’ competition caused much hilarity, with nobody recognising Liz Turner’s voice – not even Liz – and we danced the night away to the sounds of the super 7-piece band, The Dodgy Characters, headed by the Lightbody brothers and featuring FADS’ newest recruit to the technical team, Ian Kidd, on drums. We all knew Barbara could shake her booty in the most stylish way, but who knew the rest of the room could light up the dancefloor? Alan and Helen Watson performed Blackpool-quality moves, Stuart Dick swung his kilt as only he can and John Steel cut some impressive one-armed shapes.

But one of the real highlights of the evening was undoubtedly Sheila being presented with a ‘Lifetime Commitment’ award, in recognition of everything she’s done for FADS, as an actress, committee Chair and all-round touchstone for everyone. Thanking the club for the award, Sheila said, “FADS has been 40-plus years of enjoyment for me, at times with problems and frustrations to be overcome but, above all, with laughter, fun, friendship and support. The club brings together folk from all the airts and pairts, of all ages and talents. Long may it continue to grow and flourish and be a hub of fun and friendship for all its members and friends.”

I think that says it all.

See the rest of the photos on flickr:

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