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  • Membership fees must be paid before any audition for a production.


  • A rehearsal schedule will be outlined at the audition stage and a detailed draft circulated at or before the first rehearsal. Cast members are expected to attend all rehearsals that are scheduled for their character(s).

  • All cast members should be responsible for keeping themselves up to date with any changes to the production schedule, which will be posted on the FADS website ( Anyone without access to the internet should notify the Director/Producer, so that an alternative means of communication can be agreed.

  • Cast members are expected to arrive promptly, in order that the rehearsal can begin at the scheduled time.

  • Any absences must be pre-agreed with the Director and should be for unavoidable conflicting arrangements or emergencies only. If you are absent without notice, your role may be re-cast.

  • Every effort will be made to follow the original rehearsal and performance schedule. However, adjustments may need to be made and you are expected to endeavour to accommodate these. 

  • At rehearsals, cast members that are not required on stage for a period of time are expected to either watch quietly, find a space to learn their lines or run scenes with other cast members in the Lesser Hall – ensuring the Director is able to call them quickly.

  • Each actor needs to be available to attend the Technical and Dress Rehearsals at which they are required and all Performances.


  • A production cannot be rehearsed effectively until every cast member has memorised their lines and the characters are freely interacting with each other and their environment.

  • When committing to a role, cast members should consider the size of the part and number of lines, songs, dance numbers and other stage directions they will be expected to learn. They should only commit if they are confident they can fulfil their responsibilities.

  • The Director will be clear at the casting stage on the deadline for lines being learned and the entire cast being ‘off book’ at rehearsals. Any cast member who feels they will be unable to meet this deadline should seriously consider accepting the role and bring any concerns to the attention of the Director at the earliest stage.

  • If a cast member is considered not to be upholding their responsibilities in relation to learning their lines, their role may be re-cast.


  • FADS depends on mutual respect between all parties, whatever their position or role within a production, both on and off stage.

  • Any FADS production is a team effort and, while the primary focus of cast members should be their performance on stage, each cast member is expected to also assist with some other aspect of the production, such as: set painting, props, costumes and publicity.

  • All community rehearsal spaces have been paid for. You are expected to treat them with respect and keep them clean.

  • If the set needs to be assembled before the start of a rehearsal or struck at the end, cast members are expected to help. This may involve arriving slightly early and staying beyond the rehearsal end time.

  • When a production is over, there is still a lot of work to be done to remove and store the set, props, costumes, lighting and sound equipment, clean the hall and stage and tidy up following after-show parties. This clear-up generally takes place the morning following the final performance and all cast members are expected to attend.

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