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Burnsfest 2020: A huge success!

Last night, the FADS Burns Quiz Night turned out to be so much more than was promised. Yes, there was a quiz (and some of us are still a bit disgusted with ourselves for being less than dazzling 🙄😂) but there was also Scottish music, singing, poetry and a rip-roaring, fully-interactive rendition of Tam O'Shanter - a thoroughly entertaining evening!

It was great to see so many local non-FADS members joining in the fun as well. Hopefully you'll all come back to see Calamity Jane at the end of March and we look forward to seeing you at another social event later in the year.

Huge thanks to:

  • David Smith, our quizmaster and MC for the night

  • May Anderson, for her smashing catering (delish as always)

  • Andy Barr, for singing and playing so beautifully

  • Paul Anderson, for his dramatic address to the haggis and very funny recital

  • and Jackie Smith, for leading us so well through the tale of Tam - brilliant as always.

A big hand also to the Social Committee and FoH team for sorting, setting up and dishing out. These things simply can't happen without people volunteering to put in the hard work at the back end and it's much appreciated.

Super night, everyone. Now, what's next on the agenda...? 😎

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