Journey's End: from stage to screen!

There was an extra buzz of excitement at The Studio last week, when a film crew from STV came behind the scenes to report on our production of Journey's End. They had a look around the set and interviewed Jonny North, the director, and Josh Frazer, playing Captain Stanhope. The rather super news item was broadcast yesterday evening -Thursday 27th Sept: And the following text appears on the STV website: Wartime play staged as director marks grandfather's death Amateur production being held in Fintry particularly poignant for Jonathan North. Reporting by Evanna Holland and Bruce McKenzie. Most theatre directors feel a sense of pride and relief when their play finally hits the stage. But for Jo

Fun Day for FADS

Our little gang representing FADS had a great afternoon at the Fintry Fun Day yesterday. Ellen definitely ran away with the 'best dressed' award, looking very much the part of a suffragette, with the rest of us sporting 'Votes for Women' sashes and one more suffrage bonnet. A photographer from the Stirling Observer snapped the four of us and said we should be in the paper next Friday, hurrah! On the sash front, here's an interesting Suffragette Fact.... None of us knew why the colours green, white and violet were chosen, so I consulted The Google and it's because the initial letters stand for Give Women Votes :) So there you go - makes perfect sense! We managed to sell some more tickets for


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