A veritable tour-de-farce!

Following our own trips to Orkney - first in 2014 with 'Victor's Dung' and then last year, when we took both ‘Bonking James Bond’ and ‘The Pushcart Peddlers’ for an airing off the mainland - we’re now returning the favour to our Orcadian friends. The Birsay Drama Group will be joining FADS on stage in the Menzies Hall for one night only, on Saturday 21st July, presenting 'An Evening of Comedy'. And it’s a total bargain: three plays for just five of your Scottish (or English) pounds. As usual, there will be a licensed bar, soft drinks, coffee and tea, plus a veritable buffet of snacky bits. Who doesn’t love a mini-tube of Pringles on the side of an Echo Falls merlot? Buy online now (quick and

A VERY Happy Birthday to us!

Well, what a night! Brilliantly organised by our social committee, Ellen Ross, Jackie Smith and Rowena Laing, our 40th birthday celebration on Saturday night was hosted by the formidable double act, David Smith and Ian Turner, who put together a truly entertaining presentation looking back at the club’s best moments. Sheila Fraser, who’s been a member since ‘Fintry Theatre Club’ was founded in 1977, took us back to the first productions of ‘Gibbie Proposes’ and ‘The Buchan Trap’, kicking off a visual catalogue of highlights, triumphs, tight corners, flamboyant costumes, awards, bare bottoms and The Faftas – surely it must be time for another one of those! The full cast of British Championshi


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